When the Subaltern speaks, the narrative of those who relates power will be massacred and rebirthed by the Others.

Enjoy the bedtime stories that will send you to beautiful dreams in which you have always thought it exists, but you will realize the otherwise.

The writers are now writing. Please wait calmly and enjoy your cup of tea.



This blog is written by a person who rejects the narratives being given to him. His background as a subaltern drives him to try to speak and write. Can the subaltern speak? Can the subaltern write? Yes they can. But will they be heard? Will they be read? Will they be noticed?

If you’re on this page, then it is a proof that the subaltern can speak and noticed.

Articles here are all purely from the writer’s perspectives, limited knowledge, experiences, and other inspirations. Covering from philosophy to contemporary social issues.

Critics are discussions are welcomed. Hegelian dialectics are very encouraged, as I am but a man with limited knowledge and full of mistakes.

Ps. Some Blog posts will be written in Indonesian instead of English. But worry not, an english translation will be updated as soon as possible after the Indonesian version is published. Also, vice versa.


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