Of Grammatology and the Narrative’s Obituary

Thus spoke Friedrich Nietzsche “God is dead! God remains dead. And we have killed him”. Save for the theistic people who claims to have “god” on how could “god” be killed and how mortals had killed “god”? A quotation of a line from the infamous nihilist Friedrich Nietzsche in his book The Gay Science marks on how people are controlled by a being they claim as “god”, but did they do not realized that their “god” is not the “God” they thought to be were? Then, which “god” did Nietzsche claimed to be killed by humans themselves? It was none other than the “god” that people has chosen to abandon. “God” that people has decided not to be their motivation in committing good deeds and avoiding sins. “God” in which is human’s moral compass no more. Therefore emerges a question, who or what is the new moral compass for humanity? Who decides which is wrong and which is right?

Take place the X Phenomenon, interpreted by them who owns a large influence and power as Event A, and then narrated to their mass of followers as Event A by their own interpretation. The narrative lingers for years and decades until at one point someone debunked that narrative. When the narrative has debunked, the X Phenomenon is no longer interpreted as Event A, but could be an Even that symbolized with other 24 alphabet letters. And then, people will be disintegrated into the conservatives and reactionaries whom defend the narrative of Event A and those who seek to change the interpretation into Event B, C, D, and so on. Now, which of these interpretations is the truth? For the conservatives who still buys the narrative of Event A will always hold on to it as their truth and will rubbishes other interpretations as false. Vice versa for those who claim that Phenomenon X is not Event A will tell that Event A is a lie that spoken for too long it became a truth. Their truth is all subjective truth, soaked by their own interpretations and values. Event A, B, C, and so on are subjective, depends on who interprets it as truth, while the ultimate objective truth is Phenomenon X.

People nowadays are hearing such bedtime stories, told by them who own the power relation in the purpose to persuade people to buy their narration. A narration which tells that Phenomenon X is Event A and that’s the absolute truth. Thus the interpretation of Phenomenon X as Event A becomes an absolute truth and objective truth for certain group of people. That truth became the moral catalyst for them. Anyone who disagrees with them becomes heretics, common enemy, and must be defeated. This group has become a reactionary group that reacts to different interpretations of Phenomenon X. But what they are fighting for is not absolute and even may be a false one. And then shall we return to Nietzsche, that “god” is dead and human has killed him.

Those narrations will always be around us and always came from them who possess power relations. Those narrations hide behind words, symbols, and writings. Words and writings has two different functions, one interprets the other which creates the narration. Are you one of them who, consciously or unconsciously, bought the narratives created by those who live in power? Or will you reject that narrative and creates your own interpretation? Return to the first paragraph, if you think the book The Gay Science is a book about homosexuality, then you’re definitely under their narration.


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